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Anyone can make a contribution to the Dairyville Community Club, Inc. Scholarship Fund at any time, and for any reason.  These generous gifts are combined with the proceeds from the Annual Dairyville Orchard Festival and from honorariums from community service projects to make up the monies that are allocated to scholarships each year.
A contribution to the Scholarship Fund is a meaningful way to honor a special acquaintance, friend, loved one, or occasion.  By contributing to the Fund in this way, the honor paid the designee will be carried on perpetually in the lives of the young people that you have helped.
The scholarship recipients appreciate the assistance with their educational expenses and they also appreciate the support of the community as they pursue their educational goals.
If you would like to make a contribution to the Scholarship Fund, you can send your donation to:
Dairyville Community Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 74
Red Bluff, CA  96080
Please include your name, the name of the person being honored or remembered, and the name and address of the person(s) that you would like to receive an embossed note card acknowledging your gift.  Your donation is tax-deductible.

Contributions to the Scholarship Fund have been made in honor of the following individuals: 


         Berlyn Anderson             Fern Harmon           Jeanette Plemmons         Leona Andrews

            James Harper                 Lee Puryear                   Harry Baker                  Dave Hepler

            Ellowyn Rake                Eleanor Bliss                 Thelma Hunt            Margaret Redfield

               Bill Bouett                 Orval Johnson               Judy Rodgers                    Lu Bouett

         William D. Jones           George Rooney                Mary Boyle                  Marie Kellar

            Glenn Rooney               Loretta Brand                 Robert Kerr                  Auburn Rose

               Vic Brand                 Gusti Kerstiens             Cecile Russell              Eleanor Brown

              Don Kinner                    Jim Russell                    Ron Brown                   Mike Kinner

        Miriam Salisbury         Lillian Brumfield              Tom Kinner                  Gene Serveau

          Dale Carpenter                May Kinney                  Alice Siperek                  Don Carroll

            Archie Kissee                 Harry Smith                     Ron Case                      Betty Koski

      Gertrude Spanfelner         Marie Combes                 Faye Lapin             Virginia Spanfelner

          Barbara J. Cook             Heike Lathrop                Darrel Stapp                 Gerald Crain

         George Lindauer              John Steffan                    June Crain                Sydney Lindauer

          Dick Strickland                Ross Crain                     Bob Lucas                 Barbara Sutton

             Smith Crain                John B. Marlin               Peggy Taylor               Esther Crockett

             Noah Marsh                Terry Thomas               Garnett Cutler              Chris McClain

         Terry Thompson              Dan Darrow               Darrel Metheny          Marjorie Timlake

             Leila Dennis                  Ruby Meyer                 Blanche Trout             Louise Dewsnup

           Andrew Micke          Ted Walden Hollis          Gilliam Dreier           Margaret Mohler

           Bob Walstead                 Judy Dutro                    Rich Moore               Wesley Walters

             Bill Faggard                  Terry Moore              Tom Wentworth                Don Feack

          Howard Nelson               Mary Wigno             Charlaine Griffin              Lyle Newton

           Roland Wigno            Robert Grootveld            Betty Osborne              Jerry Williams

              Kurt Haase                Laura Paterson               Jack Wilson                   Velma Hale

           Anna Pedersen               Ruth Wilson             Pat Curtis Hardin             Clair Penney

      Mary Jane Wormley          Etha Harless                James Pepper               Barbara Wray

        Eleanor Pettinger               Phil Wray                 George Pflaster            P. Wayne Pasco

             Candy Welty                 Marge Welty                 Dean Cruise                   Elva Larson

            Bill Goodyear             Kenneth DeWitt             Winnie Dorris                 Bill Rogers

            Thelma Crain                 Bob Reddick             Lorraine Edwards        Willard Galbraith

         Buddy Patterson        James "Jim" C. Ellis              Ben Kluga                     Minnie Day

                Lyle Null                   Eleanor Marsh               Olive Murrer                  Pete Kinner

           Charles Smith               Roberta Smith             Harold Combes              Lois Bettman

   Rosemary Todd Tingley        Dudley Long                    Bill Kemp                Daniel Carl Crain

         Bernie Beaumkis                Jim Curry                      Al Meisner                 Shane Combes

           Nancy Nichols         Donald Ray Carroll            Josh Thorne                    Serge Birk

              Frank Clem                  Essie Kinney                    Joe Miller                     Lester Scott

               John Scott                  Bee Grootveld                 Bill Thorne                    Mike Prinz

              Latane Sale               Amelia Vasquez               Dottie Escue                Ray Sebastian

              Carol Vikse                   Gary Gambs               William Barton           Mary Lee Grimes

               Joe Durrer                      Joe Longo                    Bob Hufford                  Chris Gilles

   Clarence Winning, M.D.   Dorothy Lindauer           George Russell            Deacon Murphy

            Lynda Trease                 Dave Taylor              Margie Winning              Pat Connely

              Maxine Orr                Julia Pettersen                 Ray Barber                    Donna Fritz

              Gary Dutro                  Ray Dawkins           Laura Jane Pflaster          Phil Gunsauls

            Harvey Clark               Tom Heffernan              Alma Lindauer                Mary Jones

       Mary Alice George             Don Mason                  Ryan Reilley                Marvin Smith

             Thelma Hunt             Leo Elwin Murrer       Verissa Ann Napoli         Mark Buckman

            Don Buckman              Richard White              Bob Kersteins             Diane Benefield

        Richard Swierstra           Rosie Dawson                Shirley Allen                 David Kinner

             Gary Conner                 Kobe Lamdin                  Marge Steel                  Annie Gould

       Kay Morgan Crane             Bob Brandt                 Dr. Bill Martin            Susan Schneider

            Don Siemens             Harvey Camacho             Tom Wulfert                  Betty Kinner

                Kurt Sale                 Liz Dillabo Mills                Doug Sale                 Mary Anderson

             Greg Parker                Chris Uchobori               Marie White               Charlie Walter

              Jim Shrieve                Lowell Remund                  Bill Cagle